The Raspberry Pi Model B+ is getting a price cut and is now cheaper by $10 or retailing at $25. The new  price has already taken effect on primary Raspberry Pi distribution partners, MCM Electronics in North America and RS Components in the UK, and will roll-out across all official Raspberry Pi distributors over the next few days.

The reduction of Raspberry Pi Model B+'s price is the collateral outcome of "production optimizations" of the Raspberry Pi models though the details were not specified.

As of the moment, three models with different pricess and features are being sold in the market: $20 for the old school Model A+, $25 reduced cost for Model B+ and their latest product, Raspberry Pi 2 at $35.

Since the release of the Raspberry Pi 2, the credit card-sized computer has sold more than a million units, according to Raspberry Pi Foundation. Unexpectedly, the Model B+ has also "continued to sell very well," even at the same value as its upgraded successor. Interested programmers will definitely appreciate this recent price drop as they "hack" their own path with this technology.

While the Raspberry Pi 2 does offer six times more processing power and two times more memory than the previous Raspberry Pi Model B+, the latter's price cut makes it a very appealing offer for technical geeks who don't need the extra memory or performance.

The Raspberry Pi has done a remarkable influence on the development board campaign and is responsible for producing several competing do-it-yourself computer kits including the Microsoft's Shark Cove, the Kano, and Intel's Minnowboard.

One of the popular speculations for the reason of the price reduction is a device called C.H.I.P., a very popular project by Next Thing Co., with a starting price of just $9. With still a few weeks to go, their Kickstarter campaign has overwhelmingly covered the company's $50,000 initial goal and has collected over an amazing $1.2 million dollars. The C.H.I.P. project has over 24,000 backers and will start shipping December 2015. For a mere $9, customer would get one C.H.I.P. and a composite cable for maximum bare-bones enjoyment, that could potentially assist students, teachers, grandparents, children, artists, makers, hackers, and inventors for computer-based projects.  

Healthy competition is always a good thing for consumers and we may experience another price cut before the year ends.

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