Sprint-owned Virgin Mobile announced new data plans that get a data boost over previous plans while receiving price cuts.

In a statement posted on the Sprint website, Virgin Mobile announced that its new Data Done Right plans now offer an additional 500 MB of 3G or 4G data for single users and another 2 GB for shared plans.

The Single Line plans come in two variants. The $30 plan, down from $35, offers 300 minutes of talk, unlimited text, and 3 GB of high-speed 3G/4G, depending on coverage availability, which is downgraded to unlimited 2G once the subscriber reaches the threshold. For an additional $10, customers can avail of unlimited talk, text and the same amount of data for $40. Previously, this option cost $45 and only offered 2.5 GB of 3G/4G data per month.

The shared plans start at $65 a month, previously $70, for two lines. This plan consists of unlimited calling, unlimited texting and 6 GB of 3G/4G data shared by both lines, up from the previous offer of 4 GB.

"In addition to adding even more data to our value-packed plans, we've made it easier to add a third or fourth line," says Angela Rittgers, vice president of marketing at Virgin Mobile USA. "For just an additional $25 a month, customers can add a line to their Multi-line plan and get unlimited talk, text and an additional 4 GB to share, helping ensure there is enough data to go around for everyone."

For $90 a month, subscribers can purchase up to three lines a month and share 10 GB of 3G/4G data. Add another $25 to make it $115 a month for four lines with 14 GB of data.

All Data Done Right plans are available only at Walmart. Buyers can choose from a total of seven different smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, admittedly last year's flagship but still a great phone. Consumer Reports, in fact, recommends that users choose the Galaxy S5 over the new Galaxy S6 for dearly missed features such as a microSD slot, a removable battery, and IP 67 water resistance.

All phones available via Virgin Mobile's new plans also come pre-loaded with popular social media and music streaming apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pandora. For an additional $5 a month, users can go social and stream music unlimited without counting against their regular monthly data allowance.

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