The capital of the tech world is Silicon Valley and San Francisco, as one HBO show has us believing, but where does New York City and London fit in? We stopped by the beautiful and innovative MoMA Design Store for #LondonTechCity to learn more about the differences between the major tech city scenes and also to find out about some great new products as well as tech initiatives.

First we talked to Bethany Koby, co-founder and CEO of Technology Will Save Us, who was one of the day's panelists at London Tech City. She weighed in on some of the advantages that London tech startups have over U.S. based ones as well as introduced us to her company's DIY Gamer Kit (with Arduino) which was nominated for Design of the Year 2015 by London's Design Museum. "We think this kit is good for people from 10 - 110!"

Daniel Glazer, who co-leads Fried Frank's Technology Transactions Group, jumped in on the panel to talk about how VC funding has dramatically increased over the last year for London tech companies:

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Panelist Jason Johnson, CEO and co-founder of August Smart Lock, gave us a look at his device that replaces keys to your house and how you can give people such as housekeepers or dog walkers temporary access to your home without having to worry about anyone making a copy of your key. London vs. SF vs NYC? He said that San Francisco is in many ways following New York City and London, more than people might expect.  

Industrial designer and engineer Matt Johnson showed off his company's product, Johnson's Bare Conductive Touch Board Starter Kit, which enables you to turn almost any material or object into a sensor. The possibilities are pretty limitless in what you can do and it seems like a cool tool for the tinkerers in your life to give it a go.


Quick Demo to see more on how it works:  

So is London better than San Francisco or New York when it comes to being the best place for a tech startup to open shop and blossom? Bethany Koby makes her case for just that on this panel that was mixed with people running companies in all three of these tech megahub cities.  

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