Samsung Galaxy S5 underwater? Yes. Against a hammer? You know the answer.


We all know the power of social media can do two things: it can either make or break a character or a reputation.

For some reason, it has become a trend how people would test or review the efficiency and durability of a product and would take it to YouTube and other social media platforms. Others have just taken advantage of the attention and popularity of the device to create videos and get attention, too, for whatever it's worth.

The reviewers have tried dropping and scratching the device, among other things. Sometimes, it can be educational and fun to watch; other times, it looks senseless and annoying.

Take, for instance, this latest video attempting to break a Samsung Galaxy S5, something that literally and figuratively broke a rule and a few other things.

The YouTube reviewer conducted the test with a hammer, to whack the device, in an attempt to check out the durability of the new unit. He successfully hammered the device to its death, as he said he intended to do. Basically, phones aren't made for hammering.

That's not the problem, though.

The reviewer also hammered the back of the phone and so the battery came out, ballooned and released a cloud of presumably toxic gas. Again, what do we expect? Batteries aren't made for hammering, either, as they can expand and explode when handled the wrong way.

One can hear the reviewer coughing and perhaps gasping for breath from the toxic smell of the damaged battery, at the same time calling to his friend for a bit of help. Good thing it didn't actually come to the point of a serious explosion.

Now, here's a more sensible review by Hayley Tsukayama of The Washington Post. Since word came out that Samsung Galaxy S5 is water-resistant, people have been wondering if it really is.

The reviewer dropped the said mobile phone in a vase of water more than two dozen times during the trial.

"I still haven't been electrocuted. And, each time, it's proceeded on with barely a hitch, even continuing to play Netflix video while submerged," she said.

True to its word of being water-resistant, she said the phone still works.

"As long as you keep the flap on the power port closed and make sure the back cover is snapped tight, your phone should be good for short stints in the water -- even when fully submerged," she said.

She went on to say that, compared with the S4, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a more sensible, coherent unit that boasts a beautiful display with its 5.1-inch screen, also little higher than the S4.

"The phone is very fast, and handles apps that demand a lot of processing power without a hitch. It also includes improvements to its camera and its battery life -- promising up to 24 hours of life on standby mode," she said.

Below is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Hammer Test Fail video.

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