Chromecast is undoubtedly a cool technology, but its homescreen certainly leaves a lot to be desired. Now, new leaks seem to hint that the homescreen might be getting a makeover soon.

One Reddit user thinks he has uncovered the source code for the next Chromecast update. According to the leaker, the source code indicates that Google is testing out a new homescreen design that can be personalized. One chunk of code seems to hint at the possibility of covering the homescreen with personal photos, while another bit of code points to weather reports.

The code also refers to small weather icons that would appear on the homescreen, alerting Chromecast users to the current day's forecast as soon as they turn on their TVs. Since weather is one of the most popular applications, it makes good sense to incorporate it into the homescreen. It's also quite logical to allow users to post their personal photos as the homescreen background just like they can on their laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Currently, the Chromecast homescreen is very basic and only allows you to choose between specific stock images for your background. There is a MyCastScreen app that you can download to make your own personalized homescreen, but it would be nice if the personalization element was built into Chromecast instead.

If this new source code is any indication, it seems that Google thinks so, too. Although Google did not confirm or deny that the source code and all it entails is authentic, it did say that it is always testing new ideas for Chromecast, as it is a very new platform.

Google is expected to continue to add new functionalities, personalization and content partnerships to Chromecast in the coming months as a way to sweeten the $35 deal. Although Chromecast already has a clear price advantage over its competitors, it still has to improve if it wants to woo customers away from Apple TV, Roku and now Amazon TV.

In the past few months, Google has opened the Chromecast SDK to third-party developers and added scores of new partners to its media-streaming service. As such, Chromecast continues to prove its worth in spite of its deceptively low price tag.

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