Kicking off on June 17, DC Comics is relaunching Justice League of America with comics superstar Bryan Hitch at the helm. Hitch will be both writing and drawing the title, with some help in the art department from Wade Von Grawbadger.

To celebrate, Hitch has created a series of seven covers, one for each member of the JLA: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. (Which is also, incidentally, the lineup that will appear in Warner Bros. Justice League movies.)

What makes these covers special is that they can be placed side by side and will interlock to create one massive, widescreen image of the League battling hordes of aliens. 

Hitch's story arc finds the League encountering an alien armada headed towards Earth that claims to be a peaceful, religious tribe. According to DC's solicitation, there's "something sinister" about these aliens that has ties to ancient Krypton.

The seven character covers are open-to-order variants, but they're not the only ones available. There's also the main cover (also drawn by Hitch), a Joker variant cover by Howard Porter, and a 1:100 variant that has all seven character covers together as a giant foldout.

Here are the covers, along with the combined image of all seven.

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