The new iPhone is expected to have a large display in line with other companies pushing bigger screens and more accessibility to viewing on smartphone devices. However, analysts have said it could cost $100 more than its predecessors and that could be a tipping point for potential customers.

Still, as rumors abound over the future iPhone, it is expected to continue to outsell its competitors as a result of the ambitious and successful marketing efforts from Apple, which has seen the iPhone become synonymous with success and desire. It is the top smartphone in the US market, with over 50 percent of smartphone users owning an iPhone.

Based on reports, the proposal from Apple to start the selling price with American mobile carriers at $300 has not been received well, forcing the company to rethink the price hike.

A number of media reports suggest that due to the lack of any specific advances in Samsung's Galaxy release or HTC's new model, the iPhone may not face much competition this year when it releases the new phone, but there are worries that the $100 increase in pricing for users with the major carriers could be detrimental to its overall success.

Many analysts are suggesting that the company increase the price by only $50 in order to keep it within reach of the middle-class who are not likely willing to dole out an additional $100 for a smartphone. It could also see the continuation of iPhone 5 purchases if the price does not come in line with previous devices.

The 4.7 inch display is an increase from the 4 inch display on current iPhone 5 model, but the company is also expected to launch a 5.5 inch display that would require two-hand use, but would put it into direct competition with Samsung and HTC, which Apple believes is needed in order to maintain its position at the top of the smartphone summit.

For now, it appears these rumors are simply as that, rumors. Going forward, and ahead of the June Apple conference where the new iPhone 6 is expected to be shown and announced, more information is needed in order to delve into the company's expectations and growth of profits on subsidized phones for users with specific carriers.

In the end, analysts believe the carriers are likely to determine the price and the reality facing a potential $100 price hike on a new smartphone device. Currently, the most expensive devices are priced at $199, including the new HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy.

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