The history of the DC comics multiverse is a long one and hails all the way back to the golden age of comics.

In 1935, DC introduced the idea of alternate Earths in New Fun Comics #1 with Earth-Two. This is generally considered to be the first DC comic. In that book, Quebec was its own country and the world raised Atlantis from the ocean.

However, this Earth-Two didn't receive designation as its own universe until 1961 in Flash #123 - the famous "Flash of Two Worlds" story - and got the title "Earth-Two" in 1963's Justice League of America #21.

Since then, though, DC has embraced the idea of multiple universes and has given us many alternate versions of Earth where our favorite superheroes have altered storylines and the Earths have a variety of histories.

So which alternate Earth would we like to live on? Well, after looking through the many available in the DC comics multiverse, we've picked the five from DC's The New 52 we think are the most habitable.


Earth-1 is so unique because it basically reintroduces us to familiar superheroes in a modern setting, giving them all updated origin stories. We'd love to live in a world that's just seeing the beginning of our favorite superheroes' stories, including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. On Earth-1, the world gets to see these characters for the very first time, and a new age of superheroes begins. 


On Earth-11, all the characters we're familiar with are gender-reversed. So you've got some amazing new versions of superheroes, such as Aquawoman, Batwoman, a female Flash, a male Black Canary and so on. Even more interesting is Wonder Man, with a new history for Themyscira: the island shared its technology with the world, which not only changed things forever, but also put women at the forefront of society.


Earth-20 is basically similar to our world, but with one major difference: it's stuck in the 1930s and 1940s, so everything looks like a Fleischer cartoon. The world has only just come out of a war and there are zeppelins, which we'll admit, is part of what makes Earth-20 so interesting. It's like film noir meets steam punk.


In this alternate Earth, our superheroes are more diverse than what we normally see on the pages of most comic books, even today. On Earth-23, Superman and Wonder Woman are black and the Man of Steel is actually Calvin Ellis, the President of the United States. Obviously all this sprung from the mind of Grant Morrison, who introduced this Earth during Final Crisis


You know what would be really cool? Robot versions of our favorite superheroes. That's what happens on Earth-44 when Dr. Will Tornado invents the robotic version of the Justice League. Known as the Metal Men, this team puts a new spin on one of DC's oldest creations. 

[Photo Credit: DC Comics]

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