Many people dread the end of the world because it means the end of everything. How and when this would exactly happen remain uncertain, but there has never been a shortage of theories on what could possibly unravel.

Here are some famous theories on how the world, as we know it, will cease:

1. Eruption of a Super Volcano

Between 69,000 and 77,000 years ago, Mount Toba erupted spreading 2,500 cubic kilometers of ash, which covered the sky and led to an Ice Age that lasted for a millennia and killed life. Although more than 40 super volcanoes are now considered dead, there still remains a looming threat of another supervolcanic eruption. The Yellowstone National park remains an active supervolcano.

2. Explosion of a Massive Star

Betelgeuse is one of the biggest known stars in the universe estimated to be over 300 million kilometers in diameter. When compared to this massive star, our sun would be like a grain of sand. Catastrophe could happen if such a stellar object becomes a supernova dying and exploding in space. Although it is located about 640 light years away, its explosion could have a devastating impact on everything in its path, which includes the solar system. When this happens, asteroid and other scattered matter could collide with Earth, destroying life in our planet.

3. Spread of Deadly Disease


While explosion of supermassive objects such as stars could destroy the Earth, microscopic pathogens may also spell doom for our planet. The influenza outbreak that occurred in 1918 caused more fatality than Word War I. If another deadly contagion were to emerge today, which scientists say can possibly happen, it could spread faster, infecting and killing more people given the modes of transportations that are available today.

4. Deployment of Nuclear Weapons

The threat of a nuclear war still looms today as several countries have the capability to deploy such destructive devices. A nuclear war would result in deadly explosions and radiations, and also contaminate food and water. It could also affect the quality of air and result in nuclear winter, which could cause severe cold temperatures and interfere with food production.

5. Global Warming

The changing climate is associated with catastrophic consequences such as massive tidal waves, which could potentially sink countries and drown populations.

6. Computer Takeover


Stephen Hawking himself has warned of the danger of computer technology, which advances by leaps and bounds. At a conference, the renowned scientist said that artificial intelligence could take over the world, with intelligent machines possibly killing their creators.

7. Death of the Sun


The sun will reach the end of its life, when it is no longer able to produce heat crucial to sustaining balance in our planet. Such event will affect the temperature on Earth killing plants, animals and even humans.

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