For many, "millennial" is a dirty word. While it was originally used to categorize the generation who came of age at the start of the new millennium, its meaning has slowly changed over time: now, it's almost derogatory. A millennial is supposedly someone with no real motivation, a young adult who's willing to move back in with his or her parents and simply mooch off of them forever. Of course, that's usually not the case... regardless, the word "millennial" just doesn't mean what it used to.

So, what should you do if you're tired of seeing article after article about how lazy all millennials are? Sadly, it doesn't look like those sorts of articles are going to stop anytime soon... but what if it were possible to change the meaning of those articles? Thanks to a handy Chrome extension, it is possible. No, it won't go into an article and actually make any changes — but it does make the ongoing torrent of anti-millennial stories a bit easier to read.

How does it do this? By changing the word "millennials" into "snake people."

That's right: the extension basically reads a page, then changes all instances of the word "millennials" into "snake people." While it won't stop seemingly every news site from claiming that millennials are nothing but selfie-obsessed zombies who complain about the cost of higher education, it does make them a bit more pleasant to consume. After all, who wouldn't want to read about a generation of snake people ruining the economy?

There are limits to the extension: it can't read pictures, so any images with the word "millennial" aren't effected by the plugin. It also won't work with Google Search itself: you'll have to click on an actual link for the changes to take effect. On top of that, the extension can't actually transfer the blame from millennials to snake people.

If it's any consolation, "millennials" isn't the only name the extension changes: "Generation Y" and "digital native" are changed to "Serpent Society" and "parseltongue" (referencing Harry Potter), respectively. If you need proof of its effectiveness, take it from us: while editing this article, the extension kicked in and subsequently changed everything around!

It's a bizarre extension, to be sure... but it definitely makes reading these sorts of articles a lot more entertaining. If you want to try it out for yourself, head on over to the Chrome Webstore.

Frank Vassen | Flickr

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