Baseball fans unable to make it to the stadium can now watch every pitch of every game on Chromecast, and also take one more step toward cutting their cable.

Major League Baseball has partnered with Chromecast to allow all MLB.TV Premium subscribers to stream games live to their television. The deal gives fans a wide range of viewing options, including watching either the home or away broadcast so the viewer does not have to listen to the opposing teams broadcasters.

There are also DVR-type functions built in, such as pause and rewind.

To take advantage of the deal, fans just have to download the free At Bat app for iOS or Android. An MLB Premium subscription is also needed at $129.99 per year, or $24.99 per month. Of course, a $35 Chromecast adapter is also needed.

Chromecast is a small adapter that plugs into a televisios's HDMI port. It then connects wirelessly to a tablet or computer via an app and allows whatever content that is streaming on the computer device to be seen on the TV's big screen. There is already Hulu and YouTube support for Chromecast.

Chromecast is merely the latest in a long line of Internet-connected devices to serve up MLB.TV. The service is also available on the Xbox One/360, PlayStation 3 and 4, Apple TV, Western Digital TV, Roku, TiVo, and the Amazon Fire. Most major TV makers also offer the service built into their TVs.

Today's addition is the most recent of several for Chromecast. Since the software developers kit (SDK) was released in February, the Chromecast family has expanded. Crackle, Rdio, Vudu and PlayOn all came online a few months ago.

Crackle is Sony's streaming video app that allows viewers to watch TV shows and movies for free, albeit with commercials. As we all know, nothing is truly free.

Rdio is a $10 per month music streaming service with access to millions of songs and it also works with iOS, Android and Windows.

PlayOn is a subscription-based streaming service that works off a computer. Once installed, it will give the user access to 60 different video-streaming services, such as Amazon Instant Video, EPSN, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, SyFy, and Hulu.

Vudu is an app where users can rent or buy television shows and stream the content to their device.

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