Polished and with a boost for stability, Ubuntu 14.04 OS update from Canonical is nothing truly innovative, but continues to maintain the operating system as the company prepares for a complete convergence of all its operating systems on multiple platforms for some time next year. Still, with the latest update, users are getting a little more bang and it should set the stage for next year's big move.

Now, what many industry experts say is the best operating system out there, Ubuntu 14.04 OS update should ensure an increase in user-friendliness and overall stability that had been lacking in previous versions. This will help users develop and continue to view the operating system as the best in the Internet and computer world.

The only downside, and one thing many had hoped for, would be a show-stopper update that would give a new angle on operating systems. Instead, this is the more traditional update in order to keep all systems moving forward together, ahead of the larger innovations expected in 2015.

Many users have seen Ubuntu as the choice for developing one's own computer systems as they see fit. With Ubuntu, users have been able to create an operating system that is more personal and easier to use, even as Apple and Microsoft continue to dominate the market.

The new update creates the model for stability and functionality that company expects to take them into the next five years without a hiccup.

One of the main concerns many had with the previous Ubuntu OS was that switching between conventional and personalized style menus had let to a number of issues, but with the update, it should be easier, says the company.

"Improved look and style including rounded window decorations, a new interface for screen unlock, and other tweaks to the theme," says the Ubuntu statement on the update.

Overall, the company says the update is a means of improving the style of the operating system and believes that it will ensure that users will not have any issues in the near future concerning updates and programs working in conjunction with the Ubuntu operating system.

The main improvement, and one that can be seen as the only real noticeable change, is the new make-up of the Dash, which allows users to create multiple layers. This should allow users to better customize their Dash in order to maximize their space.

The new update, Ubuntu says, will allow users to "keep track of contact information for your friends and colleagues with Contacts, your personal address book."

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