It's an exiting time to be a Dragon Ball fan. Not only will Dragon Ball return to the big screen in a new movie featuring Goku's greatest villain later this year in North America, but a brand new anime series titled Dragon Ball Super is also coming from original Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama.

We knew Dragon Ball Super would be coming this summer in Japan. Now we have an exact date: July 5. The latest issue of Shonen Jump Magazine (via Anime News Network) revealed the air date for the show, which will air on Fuji TV every Sunday at 9 a.m. In Japan. It will be the first new Dragon Ball television series since the premiere of Dragon Ball GT in 1996.

The show will ignore GT and instead take place after the events of Dragon Ball Z, after the defeat of Majin Buu. Earth is enjoying a much needed period of peace, but it seems certain that won't last long. This is Dragon Ball we are talking about, after all. There is always a new intergalactic threat to battle.

A companion manga will also see release on June 20 in addition to the new show. We recently got our first look Goku's new appearance and, well, it's a little different. The character is smaller and less bulky than when we last saw him, and he will also likely be sporting some slick new blue hair in his new Super Saiyan form.

While the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F film will be getting a limited North American release, dubbed by many of the original Dragon Ball Z voice actors, it remains to be seen if Dragon Ball Super will be dubbed for Western audiences. Considering the franchise's popularity, expect to hear news one way or the other soon.

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