Comics Artist Spends $50,000 On A Custom 'Elder Scrolls' Basement


DC Comics artist Tyler Kirkham has something the rest of us don't: a basement that would make video gamers and nerds drool.

No, Kirkham's basement isn't filled with the latest in gaming gear. Instead, his basement could belong in a video game — it's a replica of the many taverns found throughout the worlds of The Elder Scrolls.

Most of us couldn't acquire a basement like this even if we agreed to take an arrow to the knee — but Kirkham, a successful comics artist, could afford plopping down $50,000 to turn a boring and drab basement into something straight out of Tamriel.

Kirkham's new basement resembles a tavern that just happens to have a sparring area (complete with medieval gear), a waterfall shower, armor and potions. There's even a secret passageway — in case he ever needs to escape those hunting down the next Dragonborn.

"It felt amazing to turn our dream vision of what we wanted the space to be into a reality," said Kirkham to Barcroft.TV. "I wanted to do something fun with the basement and I love the fantasy world of these games."

Kirkham convinced his wife to go along with his plan to convert the basement, although she had wanted a pool instead. But hey, anyone can have a pool, right?

Kirkham isn't finished with his epic basement, though: he plans on adding details from the latest title in the franchise, Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, which recently arrived on consoles and PC.

Construction on the basement began back in 2012. Kirkman used screenshots taken from the games to get every detail as perfect as possible. After some financial setbacks, the rooms were finally completed in 2014.

Of course, if he wanted a truly authentic basement from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Kirkham might have invested in potatoes and heads of cabbages — the game's basements usually hold stashes of such unnecessary items players collect throughout gameplay. In fact, some Skyrim players have had serious issues with hoarding.

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