Men regularly use flirty voices when trying to get their female companion in the mood for intimacy. We as men might have thought that we are doing something sexy, something the ladies would like, but we are dead wrong.

The art of using a soft, yet low, breathy, voice is done by both male and females. However, it appears the female population is far better at this when compared with their male counterparts, says a new study.

The study used 20 men and 20 women to put on a show for 40 individuals listening in. According to the majority of the 40 participants listening to the test subjects doing their best to sound sexy, women seem to do a better job. Although women are not masters at the art, it got considerably worse when men attempted to do it, says study author Susan Hughes.

"In fact, although not significantly, it got a bit worse when men tried to sound sexy," according to Hughes.

The purpose of the study appears to be aimed at finding out why men struggle to get women into an intimate mood with their sexy speech. It is possible women might have evolved to pick up on some of these tricks men tend to play, so it becomes less effective over time. However, women have chosen to adopt this technique to use on men, in hopes to get ahead of a competing female in mate selection.

The study, published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, also shows that both men and women have the ability to alter the tone of their voices to sound more intelligent. However, it appears men are a lot better at changing their voices to sound more confident when compared with women.

There's a chance this study could be complete hogwash. If being flirty works for you, then by all means continue, because not every woman is alike.

Some advice to men: If you want to attract women, the key might be to lower your voice instead of trying to sound sexy and sensual; it does not work anymore. Better yet, you could pretend to be Brad Pitt -- she may give you a chance for being outrageous. OK, don't try that, terrible advice.

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