Superheroes often have a lot of stress, what with constantly fighting evil all around the world. Even everyone's favorite Amazonian princess, Wonder Woman, feels the strain and sometimes just needs to find her own version of peace and quiet.

In Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #38, we see a frazzled Wonder Woman – fresh from defeating Dr. Destiny (with the help of the Justice League) – desperately needing some serious alone time. Fortunately, Batman makes a recommendation that she visit the Appalachians, based on something he used to do with his family as a child (well, before the murder of his parents).

Wonder Woman takes Batman's advice and heads to the Appalachians, but the idyllic town where she's staying isn't as nice as Bruce remembered it. It seems that Wonder Woman's vacation will be anything but relaxing. Will Diana ever get her peace and quiet?

Find out by picking up Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #38.

This was an interesting read because it's very succinct: short and sweet. The story comes quickly and resolves itself even faster in this one-off issue of Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, a title that usually tells stories in at least two parts. Even though this is a short story, Matthew Manning handles the writing well enough. Still, there isn't a lot of dialogue, seeing as Diana spends a lot of time alone in the story.

In this issue of Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, the artwork tells the story as it takes us through the woods near Wonder Woman's "idyllic" mountain town and shows her the source of its current state. Wonder Woman deals with the problem, but there really aren't a lot of action panels, because the story is so short. The art itself is good, though, with hard edges that speak to the strength of the character.

This particular anthology often has the short problem, though: because it's a weekly, the story is about 1/4th of what you'd get with a monthly title. When a story is cut down to just a single issue — there really isn't much story at all.

It's still an entertaining read, but certainly not as interesting or impactful as previous issues. At just $0.99, though, it's still a digital comic worth picking up.

Also, beware the description of Issue #38 on ComiXology, as it pretty much gives away the entire plot — but then again, that's the problem with, you know, such a short story.

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #38 is available on ComiXology now.


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★★★☆ ☆  

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