Gamers hoping to play a sequel of Bethesda Softwork's "Dishonored" may just get what they wish for, and soon. The game developer itself has almost certainly confirmed the arrival of "Dishonored 2."

On the eve of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Bethesda seems to have leaked the announcement of the popular steampunk action-adventure game over its channel on Twitch. Whether done or purpose or not, the stream included part of Bethesda's rehearsal for the gaming industry's biggest gathering next week.

And while the leak does not explicitly mention "Dishonored 2" anywhere during the stream, it does include the voice of Raph Colantonio, CEO of Arkane Studios, the developer responsible for "Dishonored," and co-creative director for the stealth assassin game. Having the chief of Arkane onboard Bethesda's E3 session can mean a lot of things, but it most likely means Arkane and Bethesda have something major to announce together, and that could only mean the sequel to the best-selling title.

A number of viewers also confirm they have heard the conversation referring to "Dishonored 2." YouTube user Matty Schroeder has, in fact, uploaded a video of the stream, which has since been deleted due to a copyright claim from ZeniMax Media, parent company of Bethesda.

Nonetheless, a portion of the stream's audio that includes the leak was uploaded to DailyMotion, which you can listen to for yourself below.

Even Bethesda itself appears to be coping pretty well with its slip-up, taking to Twitter to encourage gamers to tune in to their E3 session.

Last month, rumors disappointed fans raring for a "Dishonored 2" announcement when German gaming site (via VG24/7) reported that Bethesda was not going to show off the "Dishonored" sequel at next week's E3. Sources cited by the site claim the developer needed more time to work on its next stealth assassin title and will show only a small teaser while "Fallout 4" takes center stage with a closed-door demo. The sources also say "Dishonored 2" was set for a November 2015 release, which means June 14 is too early to unbox the new game.

We won't know for sure until Bethesda goes to Los Angeles to show us what's in store, but that's only a day away.

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