In a rare expression of sincere gesture, an Oklahoma-based applicant didn't expect he would receive a handwritten note from the company where he is applying for a job post. The note, which came from Google, expressed the company's condolences after learning of the death of his sister which occurred three days prior to the applicant's scheduled job interview.

Peter is seeking for the post of Data Center Facilities Technician in Google's California office. He later on posted a picture of the personal letter with a caption expressing how he was touched by the action.

"During the interview process at Google my sister died," wrote Peter. "They sent this in the mail. I'm truly touched by the gesture."

The photo was posted on the applicant's Reddit and Imgur accounts under the account name "britishwookie." As of this writing, it already has almost one million views and has hit more than 12,000 points.

The post created a number of reactions from fellow social media users with most of them expressing their own condolences while lauding Google's effort in doing something that is untypical of a huge company.

"Google is one of the best companies in the world to work for imo," said Mizvis.

"I'm so sorry about your sister. I know what it feels like. It'll take time but it does get better," said newlyfe.

Others were just curious to know if the applicant got accepted for the job.

"But did you get the job? And if not, did they tell it by email?," said LaSeyne.

"I really hope you got the job, OP! I'm sorry for your loss...," said 7thTimesTheCharm.

Later on, it was revealed that Peter was offered a position in Google and he's seriously thinking about his options because he is still currently employed. Nevertheless, a number of users advised him to pursue with the application process and eventually add Google on his CV no matter how much he is hurting.

"Thank you and after so many people telling me to take it I just might," replied Peter.

The signature on the letter was covered with a marker although the rest of the wordings remain readable.

Here's how the letter read:

"Dear Peter,

      An email just didn't suffice when we heard of your and your family's loss. I hope you know we are sincerely sending our most comforting thoughts your way in this difficult time. I hope you feel surrounded by much love."

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