Samsung is making plans to launch a special edition Galaxy S5 in May with its rear case covered in beautiful and expensive Swarovski crystals. The company is calling this device the Samsung Galaxy S5 Crystal Collection.

Chances are, this device will be launched exclusively for the South Korean market, as the video posted on YouTube originated from Samsung's Korean channel. If it does launch outside of Korea, potential buyers should expect a device in limited quantity.

This isn't the first time Samsung has worked with Swarovski. Past collaboration includes the Galaxy Note 3 and other Galaxy devices that were pimped out with crystals on the back. We're not certain anyone will find these handsets as pleasing to the eyes, but if Samsung is willing to work with Swarovski yet again, then there must be a market for a handset like this.

Samsung hasn't released much in terms of specs where this device is concerned. However, we don't expect much of anything to change since this is a Galaxy S5. What might change here is the removal back cover, since that is where all the glittering crystals reside.

When it comes down to pricing, Samsung also has not revealed any information on what potential buyers should expect. Still, for the average smartphone shopper, this tricked out Galaxy S5 is out of our reach. For many though, even if they could afford to purchase this device, they probably wouldn't.

Swarovski is well-known, as Daniel Swarovski, the man who created the very first machine to polish crystals, founded this company. From these small beginnings, Swarovski grew into a business that helped revolutionize the fashion world we know and love today.

Furthermore, you might not know this, but the Swarovski business is family owned.

Without Swarovski's magic touch, the Galaxy S5 is still a device worth owning. It is the top selling new Android device right now, and at this rate, it is expected to topple sales made by the Galaxy S4.

We'll release more info about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Crystal Collection, the moment Samsung makes available.

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