Disney's live action adaptation of Sleeping Beauty turned the classic fairy tale around by placing the story's villain, Maleficent, front and center. Portrayed by Academy Award winner, Angelina Jolie, Maleficent was a fairy bent on vengeance after the love of her live stole her wings and threatened to destroy the enchanted forest which was her home.

The girl power twist on the tale which highlighted the importance of the love of friendship rather than romantic love made us see one of Disney's most frightening villains in a whole new light. And now, Linda Woolverton has been announced to be writing a sequel to the film, and Joe Roth will be back to produce the Maleficent sequel. However, Angelina Jolie herself is not yet tied to the project.

According to reports, Jolie is being kept in the loop as progress on the screenplay progresses. Although she has in the past opted out of reprising her roles in the sequels to Salt and Wanted, fans are optimistic that Wooverton, whose screenwriting credits also include other Disney fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking Glass, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, might interest the A-lister enough to come back.

The first film was a family affair for Jolie. Her daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, played the role of a young Princess Aurora, while her other kids Pax and Zahara, were also given lesser roles as a visiting prince and princess during the christening scene.

"I loved being Maleficent. I was quite sad to put my staff down and put my horns away because, somehow, she just lives in a different world," the 40-year-old actress says. "But I did have to take my staff home to practice walking with it in my cloak, and then I would go outside and scream at the bushes to expand my voice and play with my voice. So mom was a bit nutso for a period," she said of the role.

Her excitement at playing the villain-turned-heroine brings fans hope that she will sign on for the sequel as well.

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