Ubisoft's E3 2015 press event just ended with the announcement of a new game in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon series.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is its name, and so far its biggest selling point is that the developer is saying it's Ubisoft's "biggest open world ever." Press materials refer to that open world as a living place that "not only influences player strategy, but can also be influenced." Players will be presented with a landscape that breathes and changes the way that things do in real-life, with day/night cycles, weather, and A.I. residents coming and going about their lives.

This goes far beyond changing the visuals you'll encounter; enemies will react to current conditions by altering their activities accordingly. For example, a clear, sunny day might cause your targets to venture outdoors more, where rain or nightfall might make them stay inside. Relationships between enemies and pedestrians can play into things as well, altering how some characters might react to you based on your actions toward others. You'll need to choose your targets carefully, taking factors like this into account. An enormous amount of these variables are randomized, ensuring that every player's experience is unique — and never the same one twice.

Wildland's open world is in the South American nation of Bolivia, where an elite group of U.S. soldiers are sent to take on the most powerful drug cartels. Stopping cocaine is the team's primary objective, but they have to do it by strategically causing chaos between the cartels. Set in the near future, Wildlands gives players access to a huge arsenal of weapons, gear and vehicles, including drones, which will be a crucial tool in your arsenal thanks to their many uses.

The game's story is being kept under wraps for now, as is a target release date. But Ubisoft did reveal that it's (unsurprisingly) being developed with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in mind.

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