Google has apparently started to tag certain websites as "slow to load" when browsing through results from the Internet company's mobile search engine.

With users increasingly becoming dependent on mobile Internet, slowdowns are one of the major problems being encountered. The problem isn't completely avoidable as it can be due to several different reasons, including congestion in the mobile network, users reaching data caps or poor connections within an area.

Google has made changes in its mobile search engine, with results now stating if certain websites are slow to load depending on the user's connection to the Internet.

The change was spotted by Android news website The Android Soul, which took a screenshot of several websites appearing in search results with the "Slow to load" tag and a yellow triangle with an exclamation point. In the screenshot, the tag was related to videos hosted on YouTube that would be slower to load compared with websites that contain no videos.

The mobile search engine update will definitely help users in avoiding websites that are slow to load to prevent them from wasting time in accessing the websites. The websites can be marked to be read at a later time when the user connects to a stronger and more stable connection to the Internet.

The update is the most recently discovered one that is part of the company's attempts to make it easier for users to browse the Internet using their mobile devices.

Last month, Google unveiled a new feature that allowed users within the United States to order food for delivery or takeout from restaurants directly from the Google search page. Users can search for a restaurant, and in the results, there will be a "Place an Order" button. Upon tapping the button, users are provided with choices of delivery providers that can have users eating freshly cooked food without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Google also confirmed last month that "Buy" buttons will soon be appearing on the company's search results page for specific items, with the confirmation made by Google's chief business officer Omid Kordestani at the Re/Code Code Conference.

According to Kordestani, the Buy button will assist users in buying more products through online channels, adding that despite the massive industry in e-commerce headlined by eBay, Amazon and Alibaba, only 10 percent of all the commercial transactions happen online.

Google itself will not be selling items, but will instead team up with retailers in what would be another massive addition to the capabilities of Google's search engine.

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