The Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched an official case to cover its Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and Model B+ computers.

Gordon Hollingworth, Raspberry Pi Foundation's Director of Software Cycles, posted on the company's blog the story behind the designing and making of Construct, the name of the case. The team tried to create one themselves, and Hollingworth detailed their journey from the designs, the selection and the molding process. After over a year of hard work and a significant amount of money, the team was still not satisfied until finally they encountered a group from the T-Zero company, which specializes in this type of project.

A couple of months later, their combined efforts led to the final case, which is now available in the company's base country at Swag Store, element14 and RS Electronics for £6.00. For those outside the UK, do not fret, as one of their partner stores here in the U.S., such as MCM Electronics, is now offering the official case for $8.59. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is expecting their other partner retailers to be selling the cases soon. One could also consult their official blog for additional information about the Construct.

According to an MCM Electronics representatives, the case fits Raspberry Pi models Pi 2 Model B, B+ and A+. However, they noted that with Model A+ boards, although they fit the case, the USB port is buried inside it. The case is very much compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and Raspberry Pi Model B+. The Construct has a five-part enclosure made up of ABS injection-molded plastic that clips together with a removable lid for easy access to the display and camera ports, as well as removable side panels for easy access to the GPIO pins. With the Construct available in a two-tone white-top and raspberry-bottom color design, the top frame is also removable for easy viewing of the insides and the power, and the activity lights are visible through the end of the case. It also features anti-slip feet for a stable Raspberry Pi computer and great access for the Ethernet jack, four USB ports and the microSD card slot.

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