Gilbert Arenas takes his Netflix account very seriously. don't understand. His Netflix account is not to be messed with...ever.

Proving just that, the former NBA All-Star took to his Instagram account Wednesday and posted a March 2014 video of himself taking a cinder block to a Mercedes Benz under his name that he used to let his then-girlfriend and now ex drive. Why would he destroy his own vechicle...especially a Benz?

Well, Arenas attempted to explain the situation on Instagram, predicting TMZ would cover it, which the celebrity site wound up doing.

As Arenas explains it, his ex broke every single window in his Calabasas, Califronia house back in March 2014. When Arenas arrived to see the damage, he instantly and understandably became enraged. But what he saw next, really, really pushed him over the edge. Arenas noticed his ex had thrown his computer in his pool. The problem with the latter all revolved around Netflix. 

"I don't remember my #Netflix password. It was auto saved you piece of s***. You take a person #Netflix away,nothing else matters," Arenas explained in the caption of his IG post, accompanying the video, before destroying the Benz under his name that she used to drive.

Predicting TMZ would pick up the video of him smashing his own Benz, Arenas even offered the following quote: "I like Netflix...speaking of Netflix, has anybody seen #Champs with Tyson, Holyfield and Hopkins?"

You can watch the video here. Warning: Contains explicit language.

Destroying property is one thing...but leave the Netflix account alone!

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