LG Outs Fix For LG G4 Touchscreen Issues


Good news for LG G4 users who have been harrowed by the smartphone's touchscreen issues - LG is pushing out a new update to fix the problem.

The word comes from LG US Mobile's head of marketing, smartphone and wearables Buzz Jensen who revealed on Twitter that an update had been released.

"Hey Buzz, what's the word on the LG G4's touchscreen issues? I like the phone a lot (coming from G2), but missed taps are bad," queried a user on Twitter.

To which he replied:

For those not in the know, LG G4 users have complained of lags with the smartphone especially when they attempt to multitask and swap between big apps. Users have also experienced missed taps that are sporadic.

To counter this touchscreen issue for its flagship smartphone, LG has now rolled out the update which will counter the niggles. However, per XDA forum users, this update is not an over-the-air (OTA) one, but an update to the LG Keyboard via the LG Apps.

Some users have acknowledged that the update fixes the missed taps problem on the LG Keyboard.

"It fixes both the really slow response to long-pressing keyboard for special character as well as the touchscreen tap least on mine. I wasn't getting missing taps on the main device, but double tap to wake would routinely take 3 or 4 tries to wake device. Since update, no such misses on mine," divulged Th3Bill an XDA-developer forum member.

"Wow. I updated LG keyboard (said I needed to even though I don't use it) and rebooted. I feel like ALL my touchscreen issues are gone so far. Still testing and will post back if I feel otherwise," noted another member.

However, some users are still experiencing the issue as the update apparently does not address the problem outside the LG Keyboard app.

"I can at least confirm that this has not helped me in Pinball Arcade. Had a couple of missed taps during a nice game on the Xenon table," revealed a forum member who does not use the LG keyboard.

To check if you've received the update manually navigate to Settings > General > About phone> Update Center >App update.

Photo: LG Electronics | Flickr 

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