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Square Enix Announced 'Kingdom Hearts 3' And 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Too Early, But For A Good Reason

Square Enix game director Tetsuya Nomura admitted that 'Kingdom Hearts 3' and the 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' were announced too early. What is the reason behind this, and what does it mean for the 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' release date?

Video Games June 25, 2018

Kingdom Hearts 3 Available On PS4, Xbox One In January 2019

The wait is finally over! After multiple delays, director Tetsuya Nomura announced that the highly anticipated video game 'Kingdom Hearts 3' would arrive on PS4 and Xbox One early next year.

Video Games June 13, 2018

What To Expect At E3 2018: Schedules, Live Streams, And Games

E3 2018 officially starts on June 12, but video game companies will be holding press conferences starting June 9. Here are all the schedules, the links to the live streams, and the expected games.

Video Games June 9, 2018

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Brings Classic Disney Characters, ‘Toy Story' In Gameplay Teaser

Square Enix debuted exclusive gameplay from the highly anticipated 'Kingdom Hearts 3.' The game trailer featured several familiar characters and worlds, plus it marked the debut of several Pixar characters.

Video Games May 18, 2018

Latest 'Kingdom Hearts 3' Trailer Showcases Mini Games Inspired By Disney Cartoons

A new 'Kingdom Hearts 3' trailer has just dropped, giving fans a glimpse at some of the mini-games that will be available to play in the upcoming video game. The highly anticipated title is rumored to arrive this November.

April 16, 2018

Bethesda's E3 2018 Conference Now Has A Date

Bethesda reportedly announced its E3 2018 conference schedule. A short video teaser was posted to YouTube that hints at what gamers can expect.

Video Games March 3, 2018

Kingdom Hearts 3 Nintendo Switch Port Could Happen Only After PS4, Xbox One Versions Roll Out

The director of 'Kingdom Hearts 3' has now made comments about a possible Switch port alongside Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game. While he said it’s certainly possible, there’s still no reason to get one’s hopes up.

Video Games July 16, 2017

Excited For 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' And 'Kingdom Hearts 3'? You Might Have To Wait A While

Square Enix President Yosuka Matsuda revealed that gamers who are looking forward to the 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' and 'Kingdom Hearts 3' might have to wait a while. Up to how long will fans of each series have to wait?

Video Games May 27, 2017

Square Enix Has Three 'Kingdom Hearts' Games Lined Up: Here's How To Understand The Confusing Titles

Square Enix has "Kingdom Hearts III," "Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix + HD 2.5 Remix" and "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue" lined up. If you are confused with the titles, here is a quick guide.

Video Games November 3, 2016

'Kingdom Hearts' Is Going On A Worldwide Concert Tour For Its 15th Anniversary

The beloved JRPG franchise is hitting the road next year for a worldwide concert tour.

Video Games April 28, 2016

Square Enix Releases 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' And 'Kingdom Hearts 3' Trailer

Square Enix featured both 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' and 'Kingdom Hearts 3' in a new trailer. 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, while 'Kingdom Hearts 3' will also be released for the Xbox One.

Video Games December 19, 2015

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Will Hit iOS And Android Devices Later This Year

Players will get to play Kingdom Hearts Unchained when the game launches on iOS and Android devices.

Geek June 22, 2015

'Tangled' Joins The Worlds Of 'Kingdom Hearts 3' In New Gameplay Footage

In a new gameplay trailer for 'Kingdom Hearts 3,' Square-Enix takes us to the world of Disney's 'Tangled.'

Geek June 16, 2015

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