Today, Marvel announced a new solo comic book series in its lineup: Doctor Strange.

That's right, the Sorcerer Supreme will get his own comic book title later this year written by Jason Aaron (Southern Bastards, Star Wars) with artwork by Chris Bachalo (Uncanny X-Men).

Doctor Strange hasn't seen a lot of solo outings, so both Aaron and Bachalo get a chance to reinvent a character that comic book fans love and want more of. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Aaron spoke about the new series and gave us a sneak peek as to what we can expect when it launches later this year.

The first thing Aaron stated is that his version of Doctor Strange would get hurt a lot, both physically and emotionally. He said he wanted a Doctor Strange that always worked hard and who also had to deal with the repercussions of using his power. As everyone knows, magic comes with a price, so Aaron wants a Doctor Strange who has to weigh using magic (even if it's to save people) against the price. Aaron feels this is what sets him apart from other heroes in the Marvel universe, such as Thor and Captain America.

"We liked him having to deal with that, and liked him being able to get his hands a little dirty, rather than just having him stand around, waving his hands and saving the day," says Aaron.

Also, this version of Doctor Strange is more relatable than previous incarnations of the character. He'll also have a better sense of humor.

"I like that he has a different beat than most of the other heroes, and he loves that," says Aaron. "He loves the weirdness of it. He's a weird guy. We talk about the fact that his house is maybe the last truly weird place left in New York City and the Marvel Universe. When you go inside, you never know what you're going to find when you open any door. You certainly want to stay out of the refrigerator."

In spite of the humor, though, Doctor Strange has to deal with what he is: his path is both difficult and lonely.

"And you can't walk this path, you can't be the Sorcerer Supreme without paying that price," says Aaron. "Whether that's a physical price or a mental one - you know, some day this job is going to kill you, or drive you insane, or worse. I like that balance of he's having fun, but also this job is taking a toll on him."

Marvel has not yet announced an official release date for Doctor Strange #1, but expect it to hit retail stores and online later this year.

Photo Credit: Marvel

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