Slightly Mad Studios, which has just released the critically acclaimed Project CARS racing game this year, is already looking forward to developing the game's sequel with the establishment of a crowdfunding page for Project CARS 2.

Slightly Mad Studios, with a decade of experience in developing some of the most successful and memorable racing franchises in the world including Need for Speed, released Project CARS as a title that was wholly funded and developed by the community of fans of the racing genre from all over the world.

Tens of thousands of gamers tested Project CARS to give feedback on it to help the studio develop the title. The product is a video game that can be considered as a worthy competitor to the big names of the racing video game genre.

Slightly Mad Studios is not slowing down, however, with the studio already setting up a crowdfunding page at the World of Mass Development Portal for Project CARS 2.

The second iteration of the video game, which will likewise be tested by gamers, will feature a variety of improvements to make the Project CARS franchise even better.

Project CARS 2 will feature "the largest track roster ever," with over 200 courses spanning across 50 locations, with all tracks having a dynamic time of day and weather feature. Project CARS 2 will also feature eight different disciplines of racing, while providing players with over 200 cars to choose from across 40 classes of cars.

The WMD Portal crowdfunding page for Project CARS 2 features five different classes for donations, with the Bronze level at £50 ($79) giving backers regular access to the PC build of the title while it is being developed along with access to the Project CARS 2 forums. Bronze backers will also receive the standard edition version of the title for the PC once it is released.

The Silver level requires a £75 ($118) donation, the Gold level requires a £100 ($157) donation and the Platinum level requires a £1,000 ($1,573) donation, with available tools and perks increasing for users as the levels go up.

The highest backer level is the Diamond level. For a donation of £10,000 ($15,738), backers gain, among other things, 100 votes on the design of the game, a Michelin-starred dinner with the head of Slightly Mad Studios with all costs covered in a luxury hotel in London, a weekend that includes getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari 458 Spider, and a huge package of Project Cars 2 merchandise.

While Project CARS 2 is in development, Slightly Mad Studios tweeted that it will continue to release updates and new content to Project CARS.

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