If you were addicted to Foursquare (the check-in app — remember?) before it split its service in two, it's looking to entice you once more. The app is bringing back the popular mayorships feature.

That's right! If you're on social check-in app Swarm and missed the fun feature, then you can earn global mayorships again.

"When we first launched Swarm, you fiercely battled your friends for a chance at a Mayor crown. But it just wasn't as much fun. That's why today we're upping the ante and letting you compete for mayorships against everyone," revealed Foursquare in a blog post.

Swarm users can now vie with others to earn mayorships by checking into their favorite coffee shops, theaters or eateries. Swarm will let both iOS and Android users compete with others for the maximum number of check-ins at a business listed on the app.

The reimplementation of mayorship will likely attract many more users to Swarm. While the check-in feature previously only allowed competition among friends, you can now expand your rival base and become the mayor of more outlets.

As before, you can earn badges and go on to become the mayor of a venue if you have more check-ins there than anyone else over 30-day period.

Those daily visits to Starbucks? If you check in with Swarm, they may just end up making you the mayor of your local coffee spot. Don't overdo it, though — only one check-in a day counts toward your tally, and in Foursquare's own words, "ties go to the reigning mayor."

That said, Swarm is also collating your check-ins from last month — so you could already be the mayor of your local eatery!

If dethroning random people and climbing onto their pedestal – virtual though it may be – is an appealing prospect, then the reinstated feature is for you. Download the Swarm app or just log in if you already have an account. No need to let this app gather any more dust in the corner of your phone!

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