Google has launched News Lab, which is aimed at aiding journalists share and develop stories with the help of technology and Internet.

On Monday, June 22, Google announced News Lab that will collaborate with entrepreneurs and journalists in reporting news in the age of Internet; Google highlights the importance of communication and news. The Internet has led to a revolution in news creating as well as distribution, and Google is on a mission to ensure that quality information is accessible by users.

"That's why we've created the News Lab," per News Lab. "A new effort at Google to empower innovation at the intersection of technology and media. Our mission is to collaborate with journalists and entrepreneurs to help build the future of media."

Google explains that its latest News Lab initiative will offer relevant tools to journalists so that they can get access to important data. The initiative will also teach and offer tutorials on how to use these online tools such as Google News, Google Trends, Google Alerts and more.

Additionally, News Lab is also working with Center for Investigative Reporting and the European Journalism Centre on a number of events such as News Impact Summit and TechRaking.

Many events will also be organized for creating active dialogue regarding the prospects of journalism, ideas on creative storytelling and more. Google is also partnering with other firms for supporting media entrepreneurs and developing new tools and ideas for the future.

"We partner with some of the most innovative organizations in media to tackle a wide range of challenges and opportunities in the news industry today," per the Google News Lab website. "From supporting media startups, to empowering investigative journalism, to bolstering the impact of eyewitness media, we believe the best innovations in media come when journalists and technologists work together."

In the age of Internet, citizen journalism is also gaining a lot of popularity and people take the help of social media services such as Twitter, Facebook and more for sharing stories, media and more.

Videos and pictures taken by citizens at an incident scene can become breaking news if shared online. Some eyewitness programs and tools such as YouTube's Newswire is also aimed for providing journalists with important and valuable details, which has been first verified.

Google's News Lab initiative is focused towards the creating of a single destination that will allow journalists to collect information, whether local or world data, and develop quality news that can be accessed by millions of people online.

Check out a short video on Google News Labs.

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