In 2013, 20th Century Fox announced plans to create a film called Hitman: Agent 47, based on the popular Hitman video game franchise. Now – following a teaser in February – a nice, long trailer has been released, revealing a lot of the story and plot.

The movie is actually a remake of a 2007 film called Hitman, which was also based on the video games. Hitman: Agent 47 tells the story of Agent 47, a man genetically produced to be the ultimate assassin — with super strength, speed and intellect.

Hitman: Agent 47 stars Rupert Friend as Agent 47, whom the trailer shows off in all his bald, unemotional glory. Of course, those who have played the Hitman video games know there's a lot beneath the surface of Agent 47 — so here's hoping the film shows that to us as well.

Warning: this trailer contains spoilers. It covers a lot of key plot points, particularly ones that could make for nice surprises during the actual film.

Hitman: Agent 47 co-stars Zachary Quinto as John Smith, the man who wants to stop both Agent 47 and the person who created others like him. Of course, there's a woman Smith plans on protecting, who has a secret of her own — one unknown even to her.

The film also stars Hannah Ware, Ciaran Hinds and Thomas Kretschmann. Mike Finch and Skip Woods wrote the screenplay, with Aleksander Bach directing.

The film originally had Paul Walker tied to the project as Agent 47. After the actor died in a 2013 car accident, the casting department recast the role and eventually gave it to Rupert Friend. Friend certainly looks the part, and we're hoping this is one of the better video game adaptations — because most game-based films just aren't that good.

Hitman: Agent 47 hits theaters on August 21.

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