There are plenty of wearables out on the market that can do everything from tracking your steps, monitoring your baby's sleeping patterns, to even controlling your devices using finger gestures

And now there is a new breed of wearable technology that does more than track activity and send alerts — it can change how you feel.

Developed by Team Turquoise, a team of designers, engineers and scientists from the Innovation Design Engineering MSc/MA from Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art, this rhythm-based health wearable can make you feel more relaxed or alert on demand.

This health wearable called doppel allows the user to set the pace in order to be more focused in a work meeting, pick up their pace while going for a run, or slow it down when unwinding after a long and stressful day.

Ever notice how soothing music can make you feel more calm, and upbeat music can help you stay powered through your workout? The device uses this very same principal, using the human response to rhythm such as a person's breathing and heart rate, but instead of playing music it pulsates on the wrist.

Worn like a wristwatch, but with the face on the inside of the wrist, doppel has no touch screen or buttons, and makes no sound. Each doppel works uniquely to that person's body and preferences. Download the accompanying app for iOS and Android, and calibrate the wearable to be able to read your rhythm. The app will ask you to set your resting heart rate, and then the user can adjust and save multiple settings to provide the right rhythm for a specific mood.

If you are looking to change how you feel from anxious to calm, set a slow beat by stroking the ridge on doppel's face. Squeeze firmly on the face to set a fast beat, perfect for hitting the gym or getting pumped before a big meeting. Rotate the face to adjust the intensity of the rhythm.

Independent studies from Royal Holloway University of London have found that the health wearable doubles the amount of focus a person has when set for this function. Those who felt doppel helped them become more focused saw improved reaction times.

With a battery life of over five hours at an upbeat rhythm and over 10 hours at a slower rhythm, doppel comes with the wearable, a micro USB charger and a user manual.

It comes in three options: Black/White (stainless steel base, black face, black or white dial and resin strap), Original (stainless steel base, black face, black dial, black leather strap), and Classic (brass base, black face, black dial, dark brown leather strap).

Doppel is expected to start shipping in April 2016. Those interested in early-bird prototypes can order the wearable on its Kickstarter campaign that ends July 16.

Photo: Team Turquoise | Kickstarter

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