The past few issues of Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman felt lackluster, but that's changed in the latest issue of the title, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #40, which picks up the pace and starts a new two-part story.

In "Our Little Dance," the first part of the new story arc, Wonder Woman is in court, testifying against the Cheetah, who wants to leave her high-security prison for something more suited for her special psychiatric condition. However, Wonder Woman knows that the new prison's security is not good enough for someone with the Cheetah's skills.

In this issue, we also see a city of regular humans tired of metahumans running around in Midway City and leaving chaos in their wake. And it isn't just villains creating problems, but superheroes, too, as indicated within the first few pages. Even Wonder Woman leaves behind destruction.

Of course, the Cheetah gets exactly what she wants, a transfer between prisons, and we all know that's not going to end well (as depicted in the final pages of this issue) and that means Wonder Woman will have to fight the Cheetah all over again to capture her.

Adam Beechen does a fine job of setting up the story here, but goes one step further: he really shows the true spirit of Wonder Woman toward the end of the issue when she speaks of hope for the Cheetah's psychiatric condition. This is the Wonder Woman we know and love, one who doesn't complain, but always hopes for the best, even when it's not likely. And even after things go awry, in this issue, we expect Wonder Woman to tirelessly chase down Cheetah again, and go through the entire process that put her here in the first place, and still maintain that hope in spite of all odds.

The artwork by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez shows us that hope in Wonder Woman's eyes and facial expression, painting her like we know her best: in one of her more iconic costumes, the very figure of truth and justice. The story panels of Wonder Woman's initial fight with the Cheetah interspersed with Beechen's dialogue from the courtroom scenes, set the tone at the beginning of the book perfectly, giving action to something that wouldn't necessarily have any.

This is a great start to a two-part story and is, surprisingly, even a little longer than previous issues. Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #40 ends on a cliffhanger, so we're looking forward to finding out what happens next.

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #40 is available now at ComiXology.







Photo credit: DC

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