Sony's PlayStation Network has been experiencing issues of late that have resulted in the service going offline for some time. However, Sony seems to have resolved the issues and PSN is up and running, but it has announced routine maintenance will be taking place on June 29.

For the unfamiliar, PSN users in Europe complained of download speeds reducing and the waiting time to complete online content transfers was huge as well. PSN users were having difficulty signing in and play with friends online.

Reportedly, users who were attempting to download the 50 GB Batman: Arkham Knight game as well as the 2 GB Driveclub PS+ edition were affected.

At the time, Sony acknowledged that the downtime could be due to the launch of certain games.

"You may be experiencing issues related to launching certain games or game functionality. This is due to factors external to PSN. We are tracking the progress of the resolution of the issue," revealed the company in a statement.

However, Sony did not explain what went awry and did not shed light on the external factors that caused the issue.

Additionally, Sony has announced its plans for routine maintenance for the PSN. Come Monday, June 29, the PSN will go down for one and half hours. However, the maintenance will not stop people from signing into their profiles or playing games.

"Routine maintenance and improvements for PlayStation Network will be performed for approximately 1.5 hours on Monday, June 29, 9:30 p.m. PDT (June 30, 4:30 a.m. GMT) to June 29, 11:00 p.m. PDT (June 30, 6:00 a.m. GMT). Anyone who already has a PlayStation Network account can still sign in to their PlayStation Network profile, play games, and use most applications while this maintenance is carried out," announced the PlayStation Network's status page.

However, PSN account holders will not be able to access certain PSN features, such as PlayStation Video and Account Management. Users will also not be able to make purchases from the PlayStation Store or complete a transaction during this time window.

Sony apologizes for the inconvenience and also advises that users activate their PS4 console as the primary console prior to the start of the routine maintenance on June 29.

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