Big changes are afoot for the House of Ideas when the All-New All-Different Marvel Comics debuts in October. That's Marvel's official term for the new Marvel universe being created (or re-created) by the finale of Secret Wars.

Among the changes are two Wolverines, Ben Grimm joining the Guardians of the Galaxy, Miles Morales becoming the main Spider-Man, a much higher profile for the Inhumans, and Iron Man taking over Spidey's place as Marvel's mascot. Here's another bombshell to add to the list — and it's one we guarantee you didn't see coming.

Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, is pregnant.

And sadly, that's all we know for certain. That bit was revealed by Bleeding Cool today, along with details on the creative team. The new Spider-Woman, which like all of Marvel's titles will be starting over with a new #1, is being written by Dennis Hopeless, with art by Javier Rodriguez.

The comic's tagline is "Parent by day. Hero by night."

Now we have a thousand questions. Chief among them: Who's the father? Baby boy or baby girl? With the All-New All-Different picking up eight months after the end of Secret Wars, how far along will Jess be in her pregnancy? Will she be a single parent? How will she juggle superhero work with caring for an infant? Is Jessica still the same character we remember, or will she be altered in any way by Secret Wars' universal reboot?

If Marvel's looking for new directions that take its characters somewhere bold and new, it couldn't get much more so than this. Spider-Woman #1 hits store shelves in October.

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