Showtime, Microsoft in talks to bring Steven Spielberg-produced Halo TV series


Microsoft is working with Steven Spielberg to bring the Halo TV series to life on Xbox, but this we already knew since it was announced at the Xbox One reveal back in 2013. What we did not know is if Microsoft would partner with a TV station to allow folks outside of the Xbox ecosystem to enjoy the new series.

Today, we've come to find out that Microsoft will be working with Showtime to help bring Halo to life, according to a report from Variety. However, this plan might not turn out completely in Microsoft's favor, because it appears the new series could find itself airing on Showtime before it comes to Xbox. It is not yet certain how long Xbox users will have to wait before episodes air on their platform of choice, after airing on Showtime.

This could turn out to be an issue for Microsoft, unless the company can ensure Xbox fans that they won't have to pay extra on their yearly Xbox Live fee to get the full Halo experience. If the software giant is able to pull this off, then many fans would have no need to subscribe to Showtime just to view their favorite hero taking on a horde of alien villains.

We also understand that Microsoft is planning to incorporate some form of interactivity with all its original content series. We're not certain how this will be done, but we're almost certain this feature won't be available on Showtime. It is highly possible Microsoft could use interactivity as a means to draw players watch the series on Xbox, but whether or not this will be enough is left to be seen.

If Microsoft really wants to make Halo a true Xbox experience and help boost the subscriber numbers on Xbox Live, then the company needs to work out a deal where Halo comes to Xbox first. This might prove difficult since it is possible Showtime might not want to come on board with those terms.

Whatever the case, Microsoft must realize that if the Halo TV series turns out to be a solid investment, it will not be adored by just fans who have played the video games. New fans will be created, and it would be in Microsoft's interest if new fans experience Halo on Xbox.

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