Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) experienced several issues in the past few days, but all services are now back up and running.

After many gamers experienced issues with the PlayStation Network, Sony said it would investigate the matter and patch things up as soon as possible.

Just a couple of days ago, Sony issued a PSN service alert, confirming that PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PlayStation 4 (PS4) owners faced difficulties in launching games, apps, or social features such as messaging, friends list or trophies. The company promised to address the issues, thanking users for their patience.

One of the most affected games was Destiny from Bungie. Many players were unable to connect to the game, which naturally caused plenty of frustration considering that an online presence is paramount in Destiny.

"We are aware of issues impacting PlayStation players' ability to connect to Destiny and are currently investigating. Standby for updates," Bungie acknowledged on Twitter.

On Friday, July 3, Sony further noted that the PlayStation network was again facing some issues. "We're aware than PSN is experiencing connectivity issues. Thank you for your patience as we investigate," the PlayStation support account announced in a tweet.

In the meantime, the company advised users to try starting their PS4 in safe mode and restore default settings to fix connection issues. In response to another user, the PlayStation support account suggested unplugging the router for three minutes and restarting the console, or switching to a wired connection if the issue persisted. These were just potential fixes, however, but many PS3 and PS4 owners were still facing problems with the PlayStation Network.

In now seems that Sony has managed to resolve the issues, as the PSN is now back up and running and all services seem to function properly. The recent service alert already caused plenty of frustration among gamers, especially now with the holiday weekend.

In an update on its Twitter account, Bungie has also announced that PlayStation players should no longer experience any issues when trying to connect to Destiny, as the problems "have subsided."

The PlayStation Network service status page now shows everything working as it should, with no additional disruptions or issues. All services have resumed their normal activity, which means that PS3 and PS4 players should be able to enjoy all PSN features.

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