Square Enix has halted the sale of Final Fantasy XIV for Mac roughly two weeks after the game launched on the platform.

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) for Mac faced problems as a result of incorrect specifications. Square didn't properly communicate the game's system requirements, according to Naoki Yoshida, FFXIV's producer and director.

"Up until the official release of the Mac version on June 23rd, we were working to improve the client's performance," said Yoshida. "Consequently, the system requirements which we should have released were not made available in time, which was a serious problem."

The studio planned to keep several versions of FFXIV's system requirements on hand because Square was still working on the game client's performance, according to Yoshida. When it came time to launch the game, Square released the wrong set of system requirements for the Mac port of the game.

"While the development and operations teams, as well as our entire company, were involved in this mistake, it was I who ultimately made the decision to release the Mac version under these circumstances," said Yoshida, "and therefore [I] bear sole responsibility, and I sincerely apologize to you all."

Aside from apologizing and explaining how the error occurred, Yoshida also announced that Square is offering refunds to those who purchased the Mac version of FFXIV.

"If you have purchased a copy of the Mac version of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online and wish to receive a refund, please contact the store or website from which you purchased it," added Yoshida. "Please note that the procedure will vary depending on the retailer."

Sale of FFXIV will remain suspended until the proper system requirements have been released. Yoshida believes fans are aware of what is truly required of their hardware.

While it's all but an open and shut case for Square, Warner Bros. and developer Rocksteady, on the other hand, have been dealing with a full-on bug infestation with the PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Rocksteady, with the support of Nvidia, has been pooling its efforts into fixing the game and has even released a patch to address what problems can be fixed in the near term.

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