Apple developers are in for a nice surprise as iOS 9 Beta 3 rolled out earlier than expected, bringing along a bunch of nifty features.

The latest iOS 9 Beta was not expected to arrive until next Monday, but Apple has officially rolled out the software for developers to try out. The new iOS 9 Beta 3 comes with a comprehensive set of new and updated features, taking the beta testing to the next level.

An updated iOS Music app now adds the Apple Music version that rolled out last week for the general public with iOS 8.4. At the same time, the new OS version also allows users to enjoy a new high-quality audio over cellular data option, albeit this may incur higher bills for data usage.

Aside from this HQ music streaming, another big highlight of iOS 9 Beta 3 is the News app. Apple first previewed this feature back in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2015, introducing what was widely perceived as its own version of Flipboard.

The new Apple News app first asks users what they are interested in then presents the news in a user-friendly, easy-to-read format similar to other RSS and news aggregating apps. It may not bring anything revolutionary to the scene, but it was about time iOS had such a default app of its own.

The proactive personal assistant feature delivers a quality experience as well, thanks to its contextual and predictive nature. The software can learn the user's habits in time to increase convenience and efficiency, anticipating what the user might need in terms of apps, functions and the like.

When it comes to security, the latest iOS 9 version also aims to make Two-Factor Authentication more convenient, after plenty of users found the old system rather cumbersome.

The updated Photos app, meanwhile, has also stirred lots of interest due to a neat new feature: separating selfies and screenshots by putting them in default folders. While it's not a huge and complicated change, having these images automatically organized in a more efficient manner is definitely a bonus, especially for those who capture many screenshots or take lots of selfies.

Lastly, the iOS 9 public beta program will kick off for registered Apple Seed testers as well, allowing more people to dip their toes in the new software. Apple has yet to announce a specific date, but it does note that Apple Seeders will get the chance to test iOS 9 Beta 3. The general public, meanwhile, will be able to try out iOS 9 when it officially rolls out in the fall.

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