Amid growing skepticism that the Apple Watch could turn out to be a colossal failure, a new report is adding flame to the fire. The report indicates that sales of the Apple Watch have plummeted 90 percent since its debut and that Apple is selling an average of only 20,000 units of the device daily.

We recently reported that analysts have downgraded their sales predictions for the Apple Watch as a result of slowing sales and diminishing interest in the wearable. Two separate financial analysis firms downgraded their estimates for sales of the Apple Watch for both this year and next, and now, another firm has reported that sales for the item have plunged since its debut.

Slice Intelligence has reported that sales of the Apple Watch have dropped to an average of only 20,000 per day, down from 200,000 per day for the week of April 10 when the item debuted. The firm also notes that, on some days, that number has dropped to below 10,000, with certain days in late June seeing sales of the item reaching only a paltry 5,000.

The firm also indicates that two-thirds of the sales of the Apple Watch have been for the less expensive sport version, which begins at a price tag of $349, while Apple has apparently sold only 2,000 of its most expensive gold "Edition" models.

Apple has been silent on the official number of Apple watch sales, so Slice has made its own estimates based on analysis of electronic receipts sent to purchasers subsequent to their buying the Apple Watch.

Reportedly, Apple will not be releasing separate sales figures for its smartwatch; instead, it will lump the device into the category of "other products" when it divulges its quarterly sales. That category also includes the iPod, Apple TV and others. This move by Apple leads many to believe that sales of the item are not as impressive as it had hoped. When its latest devices go on sale, such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last September, the company announced official sales numbers of 10 million smartphones sold during its first weekend of sales. Analysts may still be able to extrapolate a rough estimate of sales of the wearable by subtracting a number equaling last quarter's sales for all the remaining products in its "other" category from the next reported total.

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