San Diego Comic Con brought plenty of Warcraft movie news, though not quite what most fans were desperately wanting. New posters debutted, props from the film were on display and those in attendance got a new look at the movie in action, but a full trailer for the film based on Blizzard's beloved fantasy universe won't be arriving until November.

A new VR project from Legendary Pictures, however, will help tide you over until the time when the official trailer hits the web. Called "Warcraft: Skies of Azeroth", the 360 degree video lets viewers take an aerial tour of one of Warcraft's most recognizable locations: the Alliance capitol city of Stormwind. And did I mention it's from the back of a gryphon?

The city will be a familiar site for any player of Blizzard's hit MMO World of Warcraft. While it's not an exact recreation of the city from the video game, fans will be able to recognize several iconic landmarks. Look closely at the start of the video below and you will see a spitting recreation of the Valley of Heroes, with statues of the Alliance's greatest warriors lining the bridge that leads into the city. You can also spot the Cathedral of Light and Stormwind Keep.

Look down and you will be able to see the absurd level of detail that has been put into bringing the game's gryphons to life. The mythic creatures serve as the primary means of flight for Alliance players in World of Warcraft. Many a gamer has flown over the city in-game on gryphon back, but it never looked like this before.

The video is creation of the Industrial Light and MagicxLab, who have brought the film's city to life in stunning fashion. If this is what Duncan Jones' film will look like, fans of epic fantasy are in for a real treat. You can check out two of the film's newly released posters here.

Warcraft is in theaters June 10, 2016.

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