Pokemonsters, here's your long-awaited teaser! The official Pokemon YouTube channel showed a teaser of the first-ever gameplay footage from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Omega Ruby, said to be the only generation left for remake.

The footage of the game remakes was revealed earlier last week. Pokemon company and Nintendo call the game remakes as a "fresh take" of the Game Boy Advance originals that debuted sometime in 2003.

"The new titles promise to take players through a dramatic story within a spectacular new world," the company says.

However, the new games will be featuring full 3D graphics much similar to Pokemon X/Y, its latest entry in the main series. To date, Pokemon X/Y now sold off 12.26 million units. It remains unclear until now if the games will also be featuring Mega Evolutions, the other gameplay invention of the X/Y.

With Mega Evolutions, a pokemon is granted extra power and its physical appearance changed. The Mega Evolutions, however, are fleeting, as it would merely last for a single battle. Pokemon's Mega Evolution forms are also not counted in the extensive Pokedex franchise.

To get the chance to catch the first footage of the gameplay from a new pair of remakes, fans from all over the globe flocked to YouTube to stream this week's episode of Pokemon Get TV from TV Tokyo.

The game footage sparked various reactions from its fan base. The fanatics think the games are going to be amazing and they just can't wait no longer for it. They also became nostalgic after seeing the sneak peak of the game.

Other fans though couldn't hide their disappointment for such a short clip that fell short of their expectations, which was met by comments explaining a sneak peek is just a peek so it's pretty obvious they wouldn't see much, not just yet.

The skeptics, meanwhile, say Nintendo will have its endpoint when it can no longer do a non-stop rehash of its previous games and criticize the company for its lack of real fresh ideas. Which really begs the question, why can't Nintendo fire up the competition with a new game?

Anyhow, the said game remakes of the Game Boy Advance originals are up for worldwide release in November 2014, but only on Nintendo 3DS. More details will be revealed before its official release.

For those who missed the sneak peek, you can check out the video below:

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