Back in March, Will Ferrell played all 10 positions, while suiting up for 10 teams during Major League Baseball spring training games.

At the time, little was known about why the comedian was doing this — or better yet, why the MLB was allowing him to — other than that it was for an HBO/Funny or Die special.

Well, that special is upon us. HBO has unleashed the teaser trailer for Ferrell Takes The Field with the hilarious billing, "10 teams. 10 positions. One Will Ferrell," set for a Saturday, September 12 airing.

As if the premise of a 47-year-old comedian trying his hand at Major League Baseball isn't funny enough, this teaser shows how ridiculous Ferrell is about to get on the diamond.

After walking out of the tunnel and onto the field almost stoically, the teaser cuts to Ferrell wearing an Oakland Athletics jersey and asking his teammates during pre-game warmups, "Where do you guys put your wallets?"

Other scenes show him scratching his butt as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks, wearing a beard of nachos on the Cincinnati Reds and knocking over a Powerade bucket in the Los Angeles Dodgers' dugout.

The teaser ends with Ferrell declaring on the field, "Was I the best player on the field today? Maybe. Maybe?"

In addition to the aforementioned ball clubs, the Seattle Mariners, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Angels, San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres and Chicago White Sox also let Ferrell wreak havoc on their spring training.

This is going to be hilarious!

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