'Quit quitting': Man loses 200 pounds in 36 weeks


Jonathon Walters used to be an overweight man who was willing to lose weight to prolong his life. He used to wear pants sized 50 in school. He was ridiculed by friends and often thought of just dropping out of school.

Walters is a 6'3" man who lost 200 pounds in nine months without any surgery. He used to weigh 477 pounds and suffered different kinds of diseases. His weight caused him many problems early in life. As a high school junior, he was bullied and criticized by students and teachers alike. He was sick of it and told his father he just wanted to quit.

Walters was motivated to lose weight because of his father who died from a heart attack on May 6, 2013. He said his world collapsed when it happened. He started to eat more to numb his feelings but soon, he remembered what his dad told him about giving up.

"John, quitting is unlike anything else in life. It is only hard the first time you do it. After that it is habit and almost impossible to break," Walters' father said. On July 18, Walters decided to cut some fat. He has always quit everything that he started and he was determined to stop giving up. He was not only going to lose weight, he was going to quit quitting.

Walters felt like he was a burden to his family. He was tired of feeling the pain every day. He did not want people staring at him in the grocery stores. He wanted to stop being a regular customer at fast food joints and was ready to start being the healthy version of himself.

Walters gives some tips on weight loss, saying those who want to start a healthier lifestyle should consult a doctor for advice. He also started exercising from a just walking less than a mile to up to three miles a day. He also recommends running, lifting weights and regular work outs in a gym. Most importantly, he recommends low carbohydrate and rich in fiber and protein foods.

Walters graduated from high school through home schooling in 2006 but quit college and chose to start working. He is currently a comic book colorist in Benton, Illinois. Nine months after he decided to be a go-getter, he lost 200 pounds and is finally sticking with his job. He is a husband and father to three boys.

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