Microsoft has responded to the demands of gamers by removing the Kinect from the Xbox One and slashing the price of the console to $399. It's a surprising move since the company has stood firm behind the inclusion of Kinect in the box.

If $500 is too much for you, June 9 will be the perfect day for you to pick up a $399 Xbox One. The bundle with Kinect will still be on sale for $500, though we are not certain if Microsoft is planning a price drop announcement at its E3 press conference. This is possible though, since Microsoft would want to push Kinect in every home as possible.

It is in Microsoft's best interest to have a strong Xabox One user base with Kinect, because several set-top boxes are launching with voice command features, and we doubt Microsoft would want to be seen as the odd man out in this regard.

It is very clear why Microsoft chose to go this route. The Xbox One has been lagging behind the PlayStation 4 in sales worldwide, and the best way to keep the console in the competition is to drop the price. Some might wonder if Microsoft could sell the Xbox One with Kinect for $399; well, it would be quite difficult since Kinect cause just as much as work the Xbox One to manufacture, probably even more.

With the Xbox One without Kinect coming at full force, Sony for the first time in a long while will have something else to worry about besides its plummeting profits. An Xbox One that is able to compete effectively could make it more difficult for Sony to return to winning form where profits are concerned.

We doubt Sony will respond with a price cut since the PlayStation 4 is selling well at $399. There's no reason to cut the price, especially since the company needs that extra cash to stay afloat.

Folks who plan to purchase the Xbox One without Kinect will have the option to purchase Kinect separately, if they so wish. At the moment though, we have no idea how much Microsoft will charge for a standalone Kinect. We're guessing along the lines of $99.99, or more to make the Xbox One bundle with Kinect come off as more of a reasonable deal.

You can pre-order the $399 Xbox One right now.

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