George Pindar School in Scarborough has issued a warning against the consumption of a new type of spicy crisps called the Doritos Roulette. This is because one of their students suffered breathing problems after eating the hot snack. According to the schoolgirl, she feared for her life and thought she was going to die.

Beth Laybourn from Scarborough, North Yorks saw the television advertisement of the new Doritos, challenging the viewers to try the product as "a hot chip is found in every handful." She then asked her mother to buy a pack for her and soon, she found herself playing a chili version of the Russian Roulette with her younger brother and a friend. The 14-year-old schoolgirl ate a few pieces of regular cheese-flavored chips until she picked out a very spicy piece, which is said to be hotter than majority of other spicy food out there.

During the early part of the game, the chips we're not hot, says Beth, who is also a curry lover. They continued playing and she soon noticed that she was already sweating. Shortly after, she felt a burning sensation in her throat. She started feeling sick so she rushed to the bathroom. The asthmatic teen recalled that even after gulping four mugs of milk, the feeling of burning still won't go away. Ultimately, she could not breathe and thought that she was going to die.

Beth claims that even though she loves spicy food, the Doritos Roulette is the hottest food she had ever eaten. Although this is the latest craze and that everyone is talking about it, she believes it is dangerous.

A week after the incident, Beth once again suffered from an asthma attack while at school, which she believes is still associated with the agony she went through due to Doritos.

George Pindar School, where Beth is currently enrolled, has now banned the said crisps. They issued a letter warning the parents against the spicy snack, saying it can cause severe distress, specifically for those who have a history of allergy, sensitivities or difficulty of breathing. A cautionary note has been place in the July newsletter of the school, says a George Pindar spokesperson. They cite the incident that happened with Beth, where breathing problems were encountered after consuming one chip.

The Doritos Roulette chips are said to be drenched in spicy flavoring, which measures 78,000 units on the Scoville Heat Scale. "There's a warning on the pack for a reason - the invisible hot chips are exactly that," says Michael Walford, Doritos marketing manager, during the product launch. Nonetheless, the company extended its apologies for what had happened. According to them, they make it clear in its packaging and advertisements that the product is really hot and that it is not recommended for young children.

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