Microsoft has announced that the feature allowing game streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 has come out of preview, meaning that those running the latest build of Windows 10, build 10240, should be able to take advantage of the feature.

Along with the announcement, Microsoft said that it would be offering a number of updates to the Xbox app in coming days, including allowing users to add their old PC games to their collection.

"As part of our effort to bring Xbox Live and some of the most popular Xbox experiences to Windows 10, we're rolling out new and improved features on the Xbox App on Windows 10 over the next few days that will give you better access to your gaming world across devices," said Microsoft in a statement.

Prior to the announcement, users who wanted to try and stream games from their Xbox to their PC had to run a special preview version of the Xbox One dashboard to access the system. With this update, all that users will need to do is run the latest version of Windows 10 and ensure all Xbox updates have been installed. After these updates have been installed, game streaming will need to be enabled in the Preferences section of the Settings menu. Users then need to head to the Xbox app in Windows 10, scrolling down to the Connect icon. Users might have to manually enter their Xbox's IP address.

Once the Xbox and PC are connected, users can choose a game to play from their collection and choose to play the game from their console.

Throughout the month of July, Microsoft says that it will be adding more features and capabilities to the Xbox, most notably the ability to play older PC games. Gamers will also soon be able to upload clips of them playing to Xbox Live, as well as choose an avatar to use as their display picture for their friends. In fact, there will be a whole app called Xbox Avatars, which will allow users to take a photo and save an avatar as their gamerpic.

Furthermore, users will be able to "Start a party," enabling them to start a group chat with friends.

Windows 10 is due to launch on July 29, and will offer users a number of improvements over previous versions of Windows. It is largely expected that Windows 10 will be a vast improvement over Windows 8, which was largely considered a flop. 

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