The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are expected to be announced on August 12. The Note 5 is rumored to have a new auto-eject S Pen, and images of the new and improved stylus have leaked.

When Samsung launched the original Galaxy Note in 2011, the tech industry panned the device, largely because of its gigantic 5.3-inch display at the time. Critics claimed consumers would not want to carry around a small tablet-sized smartphone and pretty much declared the device DOA (dead on arrival). The critics were wrong, and many consumers wanted to have a larger smartphone display. The Galaxy Note also introduced a new onboard stylus in the form of the S Pen that allowed users to interact with the smartphone in a more natural pen and paper feel, while also giving the stylus some cool new features. This wasn't the type of "dumb" stylus that anyone who used styluses on Palm OS PDAs and popular devices like its Treo smartphone lineup, or Microsoft's Pocket PC and Windows Mobile OS that powered its smartphones and PDAs.

The S Pen was unique since it allowed users to not only use a more natural pen and paper feel, while also packing in advanced features, and its hardware and software integration allowed it to do more than old school plastic styluses or even the rubber-tipped stylus devices on the market today. Through the years, the S Pen gained new features that keep Galaxy Note fans loyal to the device, and users can now get an idea of what the new and improved S Pen that will ship with the Galaxy Note 5 will look like, as well as some possible features.

Images of what are reportedly renders of the S Pen that will ship with the Galaxy Note 5 upon its release in August have leaked. The images shows a clickable top, which some believe is the mechanism that will allow the Note 5 to have a rumored auto-eject-based S Pen. Since Samsung is currently on a premium metal and glass kick with the Galax S6, S6 Edge and upcoming S6 Edge Plus, it's possible Samsung wants its new metal design to continue the experience in a higher-end and more advanced S Pen. You can also see the button located above the S Pen's tip that could bring new features exclusively to the Note 5.

We'll keep you posted of any new details as they become available.

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