Bloodborne shares more than a few similarities with From Software's other action-RPG series Dark Souls. Both feature methodical combat and a punishing difficulty, and character progression in both titles are remarkably similar.

But Bloodborne was different in a few key ways, most notably the pace of the game's action. In Bloodborne, players are rewarded for diving into the action. Whereas Dark Souls rewards players for blocking with shields and taking their time, Bloodborne actually rewards health to players for taking risks.

It looks like some of that risk-reward design philosophy will be making its way into Dark Souls 3. The latest issue of EDGE has all the details, which covers everything from the increased speed of the all so critical backstep to the game's new "Ready Stance" mechanic.

"While the new hero is no Hunter, he certainly seems more agile than before," reads an excerpt from the magazine (via Games Radar).The backstep in particular has been sped up, and a longsword is swung more quickly too, with no apparent damage penalty."

The "Ready Stance" is used to set up powerful new moves unique to the type of weapon the player has equipped.

"It's a pose you can enter from which new types of attacks are launched," EDGE says. "With a longsword equipped, for instance, the resulting attack is a forward-moving swipe that hits with enough force to break through an opponent's guard; later, we'll use a greatsword for a charging upward slash that launches an enemy into the air, slams then back to the ground and deals enormous damage in the process."

The magazine says the short bow will be getting a number of improvements as well, noting that From Software seems to be putting an emphasis on the potential range of various weapons, opening up even more combat possibilities for players outside of blocking with a shield and counterattacking. Sounds like the pace of the game will be sped up, but not to the point where Dark Souls and Bloodborne will no longer be distinct.

Dark Souls 3 is slated for release sometime in 2016.

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