Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says Mouse Support For Xbox One Isn't Far Away


Xbox One and Windows 10 continue to get closer and closer, as Microsoft puts an emphasis on unifying its two gaming platforms into one whole. If what Xbox boss Phil Spencer says is true, Microsoft will making another big step in that department sooner rather than later in the form of adding mouse support to the Xbox One.

In response to a fan question about streaming games from Windows 10 to an Xbox One console, Spencer on Twitter said he liked the idea, though no plan for that is currently in the works. After all, the team is still working on the ability to stream from an Xbox One to a Windows 10 PC.

If Microsoft did want to support Windows 10 to Xbox One streaming, however, that means the Xbox would need mouse support. Here is what Spencer had to say on the matter:

Keep in mind that the Xbox One already features keyboard support, a fact that Spencer acknowledges in a followup tweet. Being able to use a mouse and keyboard on the Xbox One would open up a wide range of additional experiences for Xbox owners. The MOBA genre is huge right now and is predominantly played with a mouse and keyboard. The Xbox already features two MOBAs in the form of Smite and Gigantic, both which play perfectly well with a controller. No doubt, some players might opt for a traditional mouse and keyboard setup, especially for games like Gigantic that feature cross-play between Xbox One and Windows 10. Real-time strategy titles are another matter. The genre has been traditionally difficult to translate onto consoles, but the ability to use a mouse on the Xbox would change that.

While answering fan questions, Spencer also teased Xbox's plans for Gamescom in Germany Aug. 6 to 9. He says Gears of War 4 won't be at the show, but titles like Scalebound will. He also hinted at a few surprises.

What might team Xbox have in store? We will have to wait until Gamescom to see. In the meantime, you can check out Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming right now.

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